‘Shorty’ blamed for iPad theft

Man refused to give iPad to owner without payment, police said
‘Shorty’ blamed for iPad theft
Mondre Hegwood

A man caught with a stolen iPad in a police sting told police the hot device was bought from someone named “Shorty.”

Police said the iPad was stolen Friday from a car parked in a secure downtown lot. The owner, a 43-year-old Madison man, sent a message to the device letting any user know the device had been stolen.

The man told police he then got text messages from someone who claimed to have bought the iPad from a “street person” named “Shorty” for $190. The person wanted $190 to give the iPad back. The owner wasn’t willing to pay and called police, who arranged a time and location to meet with the seller.

Police said they met the seller Monday at an apartment on North Frances Street and arrested Mondre D. Hegwood, 30, on suspicion of receiving stolen property.

Hegwood told police he didn’t know it was stolen when he bought it. Police said they had doubts about his story based on the text messages sent to the iPad’s owner.