Shoppers get a jump on Black Friday deals

Some stay up through the night to grab bargains
Shoppers get a jump on Black Friday deals

A brisk and windy Thanksgiving night didn’t deter shoppers from grabbing a cart to get to early Black Friday deals Thursday night.

Carol Eck was waiting in link to get into Target, which opened at 9 p.m. Thursday.

“We’ll go from here, and then we’ll go to Walmart, and then we’ll go to the mall and then Johnson Creek Mall opens at midnight,” she said.

The manager of a Gander Mountain store in DeForest, Cliff Hambleton, said opening early allows shoppers to go at a different pace.

“It’s a family day, but it’s more than just dinner and football; it’s people going out and doing things together,” he said.

Some stores stayed with the tradition of an early Friday morning opening.  Jim Choncolas was camping outside a Best Buy waiting for the doors to open.

“We’re having a good time.  We’re hanging out, we’re playing card games.  It’s like camping, basically,” he said.

Shoppers get a jump on Black Friday deals

Walmart, Toys R Us and Sears are among the stores opening before midnight Thursday and some Thursday night shoppers plan to power through the night and be ready when other stores open their doors Friday morning.