Shooting toward homes leads to hunter cited for illegal deer killing

Shooting toward homes leads to hunter cited for illegal deer killing

A hunter shooting a deer was cited Sunday after a resident in the neighborhood called the Grant County Sheriff’s Office to complain that he was shooting in the direction of homes, according to officials.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident on Ridge View Lane in Platteville after a hunter who was shooting at a deer shot in the direction of a house, according to a release from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy responded to the house, and after the resident pointed to the field from where the hunter had shot, the deputy found the hunter there. He was field dressing the deer, officials said.

Kelly Schuler, 34, of Platteville, was cited for the illegal killing of a deer, after an officer asked for information about the deer, Schuler’s license and available tags. Officers determined that Schuler did not have a valid buck tag as he had filled his the first weekend of the gun/deer season, according to officials

Schuler admitted to shooting in the general direction of homes, but said that he was shooting in a downward direction and felt that his backdrop was safe, officials said.

The deputies confiscated the deer and the rifle that Schuler used to kill the animal. The deer and the rifle were passed to the DNR, according to the release.