Shooter training exercise at Monona Terrace

Madison police, fire and Dane Co. EMS took part
Shooter training exercise at Monona Terrace

Members of Madison Police and Fire departments along with Dane County Emergency Medical Services took part in a training exercise at the Monona Terrace today.

The exercise was a simulated active shooter and mass-casualty training drill. The drill was designed to test multi-agency response in light of recent shootings across the country.  Non-lethal weapons were used to insure none of the participants were injured.

J. McClellan, media moderator for the event said, the exercise was used to help members of law enforcement take training protocol from the pages of their manuals and put it into real-time situations.

“The big part of today was actually looking at what’s on paper but making it work. It’s one thing where you can read it when it’s in a book. It’s another to do it under pressure with real life stimuli going on.” McClellan said.

The exercise was held on the fourth floor of the Monona Terrace from 12-3:30 p.m. Authorities closed on lane of eastbound John Nolan Drive in front of the building to make sure participants would remain safe from traffic.

McClellan commended the participants on their commitment and widespread coordination. He also stressed the need for the training exercise in the unlikely event an active-shooter situation would happen in Dane County.

“Large incidents like this are very rare in Dane County, but it’s very critical people are prepared and have some experience doing it. It’s better to have the experience doing it in an exercise than in real life.” McClellan said.

While members of the exercise did meet immediately after the event, McClellan said a full evaluation report is expected to come in a few weeks.