Ship-from-home job scam got woman in hot water, sheriff’s office says

A Dane County woman found herself in hot water with law enforcement after taking what she thought to be a job re-shipping boxes.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office said the woman, who lives in the town of Dunn, recently responded to an email via a job-seekers website. The email appeared to be from a legitimate business offering to pay individuals up to $3,500 per month plus commission to receive and then forward packages to another address.

The woman filled out the online application using her personal information and signed other official looking documents. The company’s website looked legitimate, the sheriff’s office said.

The sheriff’s office said that over a two-week period, the woman mailed approximately 18 packages and was looking forward to her first paycheck, until she was visited by a Dane County sheriff’s deputy.

The Appleton Police Department had contacted the sheriff’s office when an Appleton resident discovered an iPad was charged to the account and sent to the address in the town of Dunn. The following day, another call from Neenah police came in with the same scenario. Someone from Texas the contacted the town of Dunn woman directly and told her his credit card was fraudulently used to purchase a computer that was sent to her home.

According to the report, the woman initially had a difficult time believing she had been scammed.

She immediately emailed her contact with the job-seeker’s site and asked her to stop sending packages, and refused any that arrived. Those packages were turned over to the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. In this case, the packages were being sent to addresses in New York and Delaware.

Officials said if you or someone you know has been victimized by telephone or online scammers, please report it to local law enforcement. Complaints can also be filed with the Federal Trade Commission at