Sheriff’s Office reports home invasions in McFarland and Windsor

Sheriff’s Office reports home invasions in McFarland and Windsor

At least four homes in Dane County have had break-ins in recent weeks, according to officials with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

Public Information Officer Elise Schaffer said the department knows of three incidents in McFarland and a more recent incident in Windsor.

“All of these actually happened while people are at home, and that’s what makes this especially concerning,” Schaffer said.

Deputies responded to a call just before midnight Thursday in Windsor. The homeowners said two people came into their home through the garage, and stole a purse, car keys and electronics.

Three children were in the Windsor home during the time of the break-in, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office.

“Sometimes, people think that if they live in a nice neighborhood, or they get lulled into a sense of security because they know their neighbors, we want to remind people that there’s no place that’s really safe,” Schaffer said.

On Tuesday, three similar home invasions happened in McFarland. The suspects entered the homes either through unlocked doors or using garage door remotes from unlocked cars, deputies said.

The suspects quickly came inside the homes, grabbed whatever items they could find and left, officials said.

Some McFarland residents told News 3 they heard about the home invasions from a Facebook page for area residents. One neighbor said a McFarland police officer knocked on his door and told him to keep his car and front door locked.