Sheriff’s Office launches Facebook page for tips on Fr. Kunz homicide

Sunday marks 20 years since death at St. Michael's

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has launched a Facebook page seeking tips in the unsolved murder of a Dane County priest. Father Alfred Kunz was found murdered in St. Michael’s Parish in the village of Dane on the morning of March 4, 1998. Twenty years later, the case is still unsolved, but the Sheriff’s Office said the case remains open and detectives remain assigned to the case.

“We want to tell the story of Father Kunz’s death and we’re hoping people start following this and maybe that generates some new interest in the case,” said Dane County detective, Lt. Kerry Porter. “Somebody who has been holding on to information for the last 20 years may decide now is the time to talk to us.”

Authorities have continued to investigate several leads, including one that came in as recently as 2016, but have yet to crack the case.

“In many cases, you can narrow it down to a particular theory,” said Porter. “But in this one, there’s a whole different array of potential theories that were explored and can continue to be explored.”

The Sheriff’s Office said it will add to a bigger social media campaign in the coming days.

The Madison Diocese will hold a pontifical requiem Mass for Kunz on Saturday March 3 at 11a.m. at St. Mary’s Church in Pine Bluff. The Mass will be read in Latin, as Kunz was known to do during his 31 years as pastor at St. Michael’s in Dane.

Sheriff’s Office launches Facebook page for tips on Fr. Kunz homicide

The diocese on Wednesday issued the following statement on the Dane County Sheriff’s Office’s continued pursuit of answers in the death of Father Kunz:

“In recent days we have been in frank discussions with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office and it is clear that we are in the same business – that of the truth. The bishop remarked “the truth is the truth is the truth”, and we are working with them to find the truth, even if it difficult to hear. As the sheriff’s office undertakes their social media campaign in the coming days, we will do everything we can to assist them. With that said, and as different theories are put forth, we echo the Dane County Sheriff’s request for anyone with information to bring it to their attention, and to the public we’d ask that we all might withhold judgment until hopefully this case is solved.”

News 3 will offer a special report on Monday, March 5 at 10p.m., looking more closely at the death of Father Kunz and the continued investigation by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.