Sheriff’s office completes investigation into MPD employee having sex in squad car

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MADISON, Wis. — The Dane County Sheriff’s Office says it has completed its investigation into a member of the Madison Police Department who appeared to be having sex inside his squad car.

Sheriff’s department officials confirmed to News 3 Now that their portion of the investigation is done, but did not say what the investigation found. The sheriff’s department said any conclusion from the investigation would come from the Madison Police Department.

Officials at MPD told News 3 Now their open investigation into the incident is still open and declined to release any more information about the case beyond what has already been provided to the public.

Public information officer Mike Malloy said the department hopes to release more information once its investigation is complete, but did not provide a timeline.

The department said in September the individual involved had been placed on administrative leave after a video showing the alleged act was circulated online.

Later that month, Police Chief Shon Barnes dispelled rumors that the MPD employee was with a sex worker at the time of the incident.