Sheriff: Scammer posed as deputy

Authorities say scammer made arrangements to come to victim's home
Sheriff: Scammer posed as deputy

A Dane County sheriff’s deputy went to a home in the town of Sun Prairie on Wednesday to investigate a fraud complaint.

The citizen had been contacted via email and telephone by a man stating that she had won $25,000. He went on to tell her that he was a sheriff’s deputy and even went as far as giving her a badge number, according to a Dane County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The man then made arrangements to deliver the woman’s winnings in person, but informed her she would need to give him $250 before he would hand over the winnings, sheriff’s official said.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office said telephone and email scams are ongoing issues that it cautions residents about but authorities said this case raises additional concerns.

Sheriff’s officials said they’re especially concerned that the caller claimed to be a law enforcement officer and he made arrangements to come to the victim’s home in person.

Sheriff’s officials said they’re thankful that the victim called authorities and did not comply with the scammer’s requests.

Oftentimes these cases are difficult to pursue because the calls come from an overseas telephone number, however the Sheriff’s Office said it urges anyone who receives email or telephone scams such as this to report them to authorities immediately.