Sheboygan teens bound over for trial in killing

Boys are charged as adults
Sheboygan teens bound over for trial in killing

Two 13-year-old Sheboygan boys will stand trial for allegedly killing and robbing one of the boy’s great grandmother.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier Tuesday, a judge denied a motion from defense attorneys to delay the hearing. Attorneys argued they didn’t receive access to all the state’s evidence but the judge ruled state law doesn’t require it before the hearing.

Prosecutors allege the boys used a hatchet and hammer to kill 78-year-old Barbara Olson at her home on Sept. 17 before stealing jewelry and a car. Her daughter discovered her body in the garage two days later. The boys are charged as adults.

One boy’s attorney, George Limbeck, told The Sheboygan Press he will push to have the case sent to juvenile court.