Sheboygan mom to serve years for baby’s 1957 death

Prosecutors discuss sentence of a few weeks, judge delivers harsher sentence
Sheboygan mom to serve years for baby’s 1957 death
Ruby Klokow

A Sheboygan woman convicted of killing her baby more than 50 years ago has been sentenced to prison for up to 10 years.

Ruby C. Klokow, 76, pleaded no contest three months ago in her daughter’s 1957 death.

Prosecutors previously agreed to recommend a jail sentence of 45 days because of her age and challenges associated with prosecuting such an old case.

But Judge Angela Sutkiewicz delivered a harsher sentence, saying anything less would diminish the severity of the offense.

When the death was initially investigated Klokow told detectives the 6-month-old rolled off the couch and bumped her head. The death was ruled accidental, but the case was reopened in 2008 after her adult son came forward with stories of horrific child abuse.

Klokow said she’s remorseful for her daughter’s death.