‘She was full of life:’ friends remember Lee Anne Pirus

Police: Steve Pirus killed Lee Anne, blew up house
‘She was full of life:’ friends remember Lee Anne Pirus
Madison Police Department
Lee Anne Pirus and Steve Pirus

Friends of Lee Anne Pirus are pushing back against what police say her husband will use as his motive for killing her and blowing up their home to cover up the crime.

Darcy Hardy said Lee Anne was a bright, joyful girl, growing up in their hometown of Muscoda.

When she graduated college, Lee Anne moved to Madison and later married Steve Pirus.

“Everything just kind of faded,” Hardy said. “She didn’t contact us or come around anymore.”

Hardy and another friend, Amy Riley, said Lee Anne battled depression in recent years.

Communication with their old friend seemed to fall off during her marriage, which ultimately became a separation, but the group would get together every couple of years.

Neither woman had heard from Lee Anne in a while, so Riley said she reached out to Steve in July, asking about a trip to Illinois.

“I asked him, ‘Is Lee Anne OK?’ [And he said,] ‘She has her good days and bad days, and she won’t be going to Illinois anytime soon.'”

Both Hardy and Riley found it hard to believe that Lee Anne would want her husband to kill her, as police say he has claimed.

“I don’t think she would ever ask him to kill her, no,” Hardy said. “I don’t believe that at all, none of us down here do.”