Shawano Co. campground bans masks, says sightings will be treated as robbery-in-progress

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GRESHAM, Wis. — A campground in Shawano County has banned face masks and told visitors that if someone wears one inside of campground buildings it will be treated as a robbery in-progress.

“Masks are NOT allowed in the buildings for safety sake,” the post reads. “They are viewed as a robbery in progress and will be handled that way.”

The campground’s response came days after the Shawano-Menominee Counties Health Department issued a statement urging local businesses to follow the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Providing masks for employees was one of the department’s recommendations for creating a safe work environment.

Annie’s Campground is located at W12505 Roosevelt Road, just outside of Gresham, Wisconsin.