Shake the Lake attendees react to shooting

Shake the Lake attendees react to shooting
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Attendees are still reeling in the aftermath one day after a shooting at the Shake the Lake festival.

Three attendees recounted their experiences during the incident to News 3 Now.

Emily Kumlien went to Shake the Lake with her friends. She said they spent the evening listening to live music and watching the fireworks display. They were getting ready to walk to their car when the gunshots were fired.

“People just started running,” Kumlien said. “All of us were just walking, and we were like, ‘What’s going on?’ People were screaming, ‘Gunshots, gunshots, gunshots,’ and for a moment, you panic.”

She described the scene as chaos as people were racing to safety.

“I would say that panic in a mass crowd is very scary, and I have never experienced something like that before,” she said.

Video from a viewer of people running away from bridge on John Nolen Drive after reported gunshots after fireworks at Shake the Lake. #news3now

— Stephen Cohn (@stephen__cohn) June 30, 2019

Kumlien and her friends made it home safely.

“Just got to appreciate every day,” Kumlien said. “Thank God things worked out this time.”

Lynda Litzkow went to Shake the Lake with her 9-year-old grandson and friends. She recalled the commotion starting right after the fireworks.

“My grandson took off running, and I went after him and said, ‘Get down.’ I kind of laid on top of him,” Litzkow said. “It was very hard to know what to do.”

Litzkow said her first instinct was to shield her grandson’s body with her own. They took cover under bleachers and then ran behind a metal dumpster until the scene calmed down.

“My grandson was crying and asking if he was going to die,” she said.

Litzkow and her grandson made it home safely but were still shaken up.

“I really didn’t get much sleep,” she said. “Every little noise was freaking me out.”

Mary Pomo went to Shake the Lake with her three children, including a son in a wheelchair. She said her first instinct was to run, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to get through the crowd while keeping her family together.

“A woman next to me was helping cover the kids. People were running past us, others taking cover. People were screaming, some people crying,” Pomo said.

Pomo said she wasn’t able to emotionally take in the situation until her children were home safe.

“After I got the three of them calm and a couple extra hugs, and I knew they were in bed and safe, then it hit me,” she said.

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