Several Madison roads to have speed limits decreased in coming months

Speed Limit

MADISON, Wis. — City officials plan to reduce the speed limit on stretches of several major Madison roads in the coming months.

The new speed limits are part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative, which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2030.

In a press release shared Thursday, city officials said lowering the speed limit by just 5 mph “helps increase the safety of all who use our city streets, especially children and people walking or biking.” The next speed limit reduction will impact South Park Street; it goes into effect Aug. 30.

“The South Park Street area contains several neighborhoods with many residences and small businesses. All day and every day, people cross this street to shop, attend schools, visit parks, and get to their bus stops,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said. “This speed reduction, and the others planned, are important pieces to create a safer city for all of our residents and visitors.”

The following roads will see reductions throughout September and October:

  • South Park Street from Regent Street to Badger Road (reduced to 25 mph from 30 mph)
  • Cottage Grove Road
    • Drexel to State Highway 51 (reduced to 25 mph from 30 mph)
    • State Highway 51 to Flora (reduced to 30 mph from 35 mph)
  • Whitney Way
    • Sheboygan Avenue to Mineral Point Road (reduced to 25 mph from 30 mph)
    • Mineral Point Road to Tokay Boulevard (reduced to 30 mph from 35 mph)
  • Mineral Point Road from Whitney Way to Science Drive (reduced to 35 mph from 40 mph)
  • Whitney Way from the Beltline to Raymond Road (reduced to 25 mph from 30 mph)
  • North Thompson Drive from Sycamore to State Highway 30 (reduced from 25 mph from 30 mph)

Once permanent signs have been installed on all of the affected roads, the city will install temporary digital signs to remind drivers of the changes.

According to data cited by the city, 17 people suffered serious injuries and two pedestrians died on Madison roadways from 2015 to 2019. In 2021 alone, five pedestrians have been killed in traffic incidents on East Washington Avenue. The city lowered the speed limit on parts of the eastern corridor in September 2020.

Traffic fatalities countywide have already reached record highs this year, according to a recent study from the Dane County Traffic Safety Commission.

More information about the city’s Vision Zero program is available online.