Several dozen rally outside Dane Co. Jail calling for more transparency in Quadren Wilson shooting investigation

MADISON, Wis. — Family members and friends of Quadren Wilson, the man shot during a police-involved shooting on Madison’s far east side last week, turned their attention downtown Friday, rallying outside the Dane County Jail and calling for Wilson to return to a hospital to continue recovering from his injuries.

Around 3 p.m., several dozen supporters gathered outside the jail to call for increased transparency in the case. The group blocked Doty Street in front of the jail for less than an hour during their demonstration.

Earlier this week, the Madison Police Department released traffic camera video showing the aftermath of the incident, but the group said that wasn’t enough for them, adding they want to see dashcam footage and have the names of the Division of Criminal Investigation officers involved released.

WATCH: Video released of arrest, aftermath of police shooting of Quadren Wilson

Friday morning, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office said 21 officers and agents were involved in Wilson’s arrest. Two DCI agents fired their guns during the incident.

Officials have not said why they arrested Wilson or whether he was armed at the time, but Wilson’s family said he was not. Their biggest concern remains about his treatment and medical care while behind bars.

“I didn’t realize how serious it was until I actually talked to my brother and I realized how much pain he was (in) and how innocent he feels about the situation,” Mane Morris, Wilson’s brother, said. “He literally has no new charges. He’s in there on a probation violation.”

Morris said Wilson’s supporters are “not looking to start to rage or riots” but are just asking for Wilson to receive proper medical attention.

At one point during the demonstration, Morris held up a phone with who he said was Wilson on the other end of the call.

“Are you in pain?” Morris asked.

“Yes,” Wilson replied.

“Are you asking to go back to the hospital?”


“And are they helping you at all?”


Activists also demanded to speak directly with Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett, whose agency is investigating. At one point, they tried to walk through the doors into the jail.

“Why don’t we have those officers’ names? Somebody tell me why. Because it’s a coverup, that’s what it is.” activist Darryl “King Rick” Farmer said. “Another Black man shot, almost killed by those who are paid to protect and serve.”

Wilson’s attorney Jack Lindberg described trying to get answers from law enforcement officials as being “like pulling teeth.”

“Everything has been a struggle just trying to stay in contact with Quadren, just trying to make sure that his health is taken care of all of that has been extremely difficult,” he said.

What they have been able to find out they say has been discouraging.

“It seems like every new detail that comes to light makes it all the more clear that Mr. Wilson was the victim of an egregious wrongdoing by law enforcement,” Lindberg said.