Five hospitalized following carbon monoxide incident at Mount Horeb day care center

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. — Five construction workers were hospitalized at a Mount Horeb day care center following a carbon monoxide incident Thursday afternoon.

According to Mount Horeb Fire Chief Jenny Minter, officials responded to the Hearts and Hands Children’s Center on 8900 Ridgeview Road for reports of an incident inside the gym shortly before 3 p.m.

Officials said construction workers were using a propane powered floor machine on the gym floor. They said a carbon monoxide monitor was being used by the crews, but it did not alert them to the rising levels.  Officials said a total of 60 people, including 54 students, were inside the center during the incident were tested. None of the students showed symptoms or were hospitalized.

Officials said children waited to be taken home by family members in air-conditioned Madison Metro buses.

However, five workers were taken to a hospital with varying levels of carbon monoxide poisoning. Mount Horeb Fire said one of the workers was in serious condition, while the other four had “lesser symptoms,” according to a release.

Crews from Mount Horeb and Verona said they worked to ventilate the building to remove the carbon monoxide to safe levels. Occupants were able to return inside the building by 5 p.m.

Mount Horeb Fire as well as first responders from Oregon, Barneveld and Fitch-Rona were at the scene.