Seven people fast, fight for climate justice in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis.– Seven people will go without eating food for 22 days to draw attention to the need for climate protection in Wisconsin.

The Fasting for Climate Justice team, including the Wisconsin Seven, is trying to show legislators the severity and the importance of including climate change protections in this year’s state budget.

“Climate change is an issue that impacts everybody. The fact that you are all fasting for climate justice speaks to the larger issue that our environment is literally being starved right now,” Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said.

The group wants the state budget to tackle four areas, including increasing energy efficiency, funding renewable energy and green jobs, providing safeguards against climate change inequities and supporting farmers.

Some of those demands were included in Gov. Tony Evers’ budget proposal. He proposed investing $1 million in a Fast Forward program to increase green jobs across the state.

“This is the most ambitious climate agenda the state has ever seen, but it is nothing if you all aren’t a part of it,” Barnes said.

The group invites people to show their support in a way they are able to, including fasting for the day, skipping a meal or advocating for their goals.