Series of nighttime burglaries happen in Green County

Series of nighttime burglaries happen in Green County

The Green County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help after a series of nighttime burglaries occurred in the southwest part of the county last week.

The sheriff’s office said burglars hit eight different locations in the county. The sheriff’s office said businesses, churches and residential properties were targeted.

The following locations were affected:

W 9000 Smock Valley Rd., Jordan Township

W 8400 Butts Rd., Cadiz Township

N 2028 Steiner Rd., Clano Township

W 2730 Lumberyard Rd., Jefferson Township

N 3160 State Hwy. 81, Monroe Township

N 4600 Jordan Center Rd., Jordan Township

N 4000 Klondike Rd., Jordan Township

N 3000 State Hwy. 59, Monroe Township

The sheriff’s office said details on these crimes are being withheld since they are part of an active investigation.

Residents are asked to report any suspicious activity, including cars parked along highway, unknown people on their property, activity at closed businesses and other unusual conditions to the Green County Sheriff’s Department.