Sept. 15 dubbed “Neil Heinen Day” in Madison

The official mayoral proclamation honors the retiring longtime local journalist
Neil Heinen Day

Today is WISC-TV and Madison Magazine Editorial Director Neil Heinen’s last day on the job, and to celebrate his retirement, long career and the meaningful impact he’s had on the Madison community, the city of Madison is proclaiming Sept. 15, 2020 as “Neil Heinen Day.”

The mayoral proclamation is being presented publicly by Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway on News 3 Now on Live at 4 around 4:15 p.m. today.

Approved and signed by the mayor, mayoral proclamations are oftentimes requested by a citizen or they come directly from the mayor. They usually highlight local organizations or initiatives. Diana du Cini, a mayoral clerk who has worked in the mayor’s office since 2016, says mayoral proclamations honoring a single person are much less common.

“It has to be someone special in the community that is really recognizable or has done a substantial service,” du Cini says.

Heinen’s mayoral proclamation describes his path from an aimless 27-year-old to one of Madison’s most well respected journalists. He was an organizer, a facilitator, a strategic planner, a leader and a listener among many other titles and roles. The two-page proclamation is much longer than what di Cini has seen in the past — but of course, there was room for the mayor’s signature and the official seal and ribbon of authenticity. See the full proclamation by clicking here: Heinen, Neil 2020

The last “For the Record” show featuring Heinen was conducted by Mark Koehn and Susan Siman, who turned the tables on Heinen and put him in the hot seat for the 30-minute Sunday program that aired Sept. 13. Watch the final episode by clicking here.

In the October issue of Madison Magazine, Heinen wrote his final “For the Record” column, in which he looked back on his long and rewarding career. Click here to read Heinen’s final monthly column.