Middleton man sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexually assaulting children in pool

MADISON, Wis. — A Middleton man convicted of sexually assaulting children in a pool was sentenced to four years in prison Monday afternoon in Dane County Circuit Court.

According to court records, Kevin D. Welton, 59, was found guilty in December on three counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 13.

Welton will serve six years of extended supervision following his prison sentence and will be required to undergo sexual predator rehabilitation.

A criminal complaint said the first count is in regard to an incident that happened Dec. 20, 2010, in Middleton.

According to the complaint, an officer was sent to the Harbor Athletic Club on 2529 Allen Boulevard in response to a report of a sexual assault. The officer met with Mary Peterson, a swimming instructor at the club, who spoke with the officer on Dec. 22.

Peterson said she was giving swimming lessons to a 6-year-old on Dec. 20, and Welton was also in the pool during the time of the lesson. Peterson told the officer she noticed Welton appeared to be staring at her.

When the swimming lesson was finished, Peterson left the pool and went to the shower area. The child remained in the pool.

Peterson said the child and her mother approached her about five minutes later, with the child saying Welton touched her private area.

The child later told a Middleton police detective that Welton put his second hand on her butt and squeezed hard, to the point of causing her pain.

The detective called Welton on Dec. 29 and asked to interview him. Welton said he knew what the interview was for and agreed to meet with officials the following day. He denied touching the child but said she might have brushed him as she passed him in the pool. When asked if he put his hands on her, he said he could not remember.

The second count is in relation to a June 9, 2018, incident where a witness dropped her 7-year-old daughter off at a birthday party at the same athletic club.

When the mother picked up her daughter later that day, she saw the child was upset. The child then said there was a “scary man” at the party who touched her private parts twice while she was swimming.

The mother called Middleton police, and the child told an officer during an interview that one of Melton’s fingers might have gone in her vagina. Later at the birthday party, the child said she went to grab a squirt gun and Melton touched her a second time.

An officer went to the athletic club and asked an employee to look at surveillance video. After looking at the footage, the officer found a man who matched the child’s description of the suspect.

The officer said the footage appears to show a man following the child several times to be close to her in the pool. Welton eventually admitted to officials that he groped her. When officials brought up the case in 2010, Welton said the child “was launched” at him while in the pool.

Welton was banned from the Harbor Athletic Club following the second sexual assault allegations.