Senior spring athletes reflect on canceled season, aim to move forward


MADISON, Wis. — In a season that should have been nothing short of spectacular, high school seniors won’t get the chance to compete this spring.

The WIAA was forced to cancel the spring season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving athletes disappointed.

“I know a lot of our starters and our seniors have all been on varsity since our sophomore year so we had a lot of experience this year,” explained Iowa-Grant senior Sydney Lundell, “so we were really excited for like what was to come and what this year was going to be.”

Likewise, senior track & field standout Reete Thorns knew this was going to be the year for the Spartans.

“We’ve been preparing for this specific team for four years so we were pretty excited to compete this year,” she said.

For other seniors, it’s one last missed opportunity to improve upon last season.

“We made state the last two years,” said Grady Gorgen, who plays baseball at Mineral Point, “we really wanted one more shot at the gold ball.”

Dane Nelson, a senior track star at Milton High School, agrees.

“It was pretty exciting I made state last year in track, so I was hoping to do that again, make it farther than I did,” he said.

This is just a small sample size of how seniors in the state of Wisconsin most likely feel. UW Health Sports Psychologist Shilagh Mirgain expressing those feelings of disappointment can help seniors move forward.

“To have the space to talk through it will allow you to move through it to that place of acceptance,” she explained.