Senators need to take fears about ACA repeal seriously

Senators need to take fears about ACA repeal seriously
Pool via CNN

House Republicans have accomplished their goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act at any cost. What remains to be seen is just how frightful that cost will be.

As to how widespread the fear is that we know. Millions of women, children, families, people with disabilities, people with pre-existing conditions and elderly people are terrified. What a price to prove a political point.

It is now up to the Senate to reassure the people who have been sending us emails here at WISC that their children will be taken care, their illnesses will be treated and their lives will be protected as the health care they’ve counted on has now been eliminated.

Surely Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson will take those fears seriously and address them. Advocates in the disability community tell us Johnson is the only member of the state delegation who has refused to meet with them. Please do so senator. Only you can reverse the fear the House’s disregard for the health of our most vulnerable has caused.