Sen. Schultz weighs in on election

Sen. Schultz weighs in on election

As I taped this before recall elections results were final, I don’t know who won.

Regardless, the greatest challenge we’ll be faced with is how we bring our state together. There are a lot of raw emotions, hurt feelings and resentment.

Certainly there’s a lot of blame. But it’s been said, “Blame and bitterness are empty wells.”

What we are in great need of on June 6th is magnanimity. Granting forgiveness and resisting vindictiveness will be tall orders.

We’d do well to keep a couple things in mind moving forward. First, the other political party is not the enemy.

We need a healthy debate of ideas to address big challenges.

Second, we, as legislators, must restore faith and trust, and the only way we do that is by showing people we hear them and act accordingly.

Finally, we have to understand we’re all in this together If we treat one other with dignity and respect, we’ll get there.