Sen. Nass rips UW program exploring masculinity

A Republican legislator is ripping the University of Wisconsin-Madison for offering a program for men to examine their masculinity.

The university’s Men’s Project is a six-week program open only to students who identify as men. According to a UW news release on the program, participants examine what masculinity means with an end goal of creating “a sense of security in vulnerability” and preventing violence by recognizing unhealthy interactions.

The program says it “aims to explore masculinity and the problems accompanied by simplified definitions of it.”

Sen. Steve Nass of Whitewater, a frequent UW-Madison critic, issued a news release Wednesday saying the university has declared war on men and their masculinity. He accused the university of believing that Wisconsin parents have done a poor job of raising their sons by instilling in them values necessary to become a man.

A UW-Madison spokesman didn’t immediately respond to an email.