Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigns virtually for Joe Biden at UW-Madison

MADISON, Wis.– Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke to University of Wisconsin-Madison students about the importance of the last four days leading up to the election during a virtual campaign stop for Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris in Madison on Saturday.

As a battleground state, Sanders said whichever candidate wins Wisconsin has the potential of winning the election.

“Four years ago, Donald Trump won the state of Wisconsin by less than 30,000 votes, because the turnout was not what it should have been. Let us not make this mistake again,” Sanders said.

Sanders encouraged not only UW-Madison students to vote, but also bring their friends to the polls on Tuesday.

“This is the most important election in the modern history of this county,” Sanders said. “In my view, it is imperative that we defeat Donald Trump, because he is the most dangerous president that this country has ever had.”

Sanders said the reason this is the most important election is because it’s about retaining American democracy. He said Trump does not believe in the responsibilities of government and thinks he is above the law.

Sanders said the economy, climate change, education and healthcare are also key issues in this election, all of which he thinks Biden has better policies for.

Rep. Mark Pocan joined the Biden Campaign on Zoom. He encouraged students to vote early and help with phone banking.

“All of our hard work in the next four days will make sure we don’t have four more years of Donald Trump,” Pocan said.

As Wisconsin remains a COVID-19 hotspot, Pocan said Biden will take care of the COVID-19 pandemic better than Trump has.

First Lady Melania Trump is campaigning for President Trump in West Bend Saturday afternoon.