Sellery and Witte residents relieved to be released from quarantine

MADISON, Wis.– This morning was a huge sigh of relief for healthy students living in Sellery and Witte Residence Halls, now free to leave this dorm rooms after 14 days.

“I’m thankful for it to be over and we lowered the amount of coronavirus cases and flattened the curve at UW-Madison,” freshman Zachary Sherman said.

School leaders are also celebrating. Finance and Administration Vice Chancellor Laurent Heller said the seven-day average is down 100 points to 80, which means their lockdown and shift to virtual learning is working.

“The positivity has come down significantly with each round, and that’s really great news,” Heller said.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank admits a quarantine is not the preferable solution all around, but Blank said the school is prepared to do it again if needed.

“If we see dorms spiking and our testing shows that we’ve got numbers that need to be dealt with, we’ll quarantine again,” Blank said.

If that does happen again, students ask for more of a heads up than the two hours they got two weeks ago.

“I think the university could be more transparent with us, tell us the steps that they’re going to put in place,” Sherman said.

Sherman said he understands that like it’s students, UW-Madison is learning something new this year.

“The university, after learning from not just springing it on us and adapting as time went on, honed the process a lot better, so that if something does happen again, it can go a lot smoother,” Sherman said.

UW-Madison increased testing and the response time of getting those tests back.

If students aren’t following guidelines, they’ll face punishment, including emergency suspension.