Self-defense or intentional? Woman says nephew shot her ex-boyfriend following domestic disturbance Saturday in east Madison

MADISON, Wis. — A Madison woman says her nephew shot her ex-boyfriend following a domestic disturbance on the city’s east side Saturday night, claiming it was done in self-defense after the man attacked her and her loved ones.

The woman, who asked News 3 Now not to share her name or show her face for fear of retaliation, remains concerned for her own safety.

The disturbance-turned-shooting, she said, was the product of domestic abuse.

“I did fear for my life. I asked him to stop but he wouldn’t stop,” she explained.

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It all started, she said, when her ex-boyfriend — the man who was eventually shot and injured — forced his way into her apartment and started to attack her, her brother and her nephew.

“He pushed me, he pushed at least twenty feet through the door. He ran after my brother,” she recalled.

The woman said she called police but before they could intervene, the violence reached a point where her nephew feared for her life and fired his gun. The shots hit her ex twice in the leg.

She’s calling the incident self-defense.

“(My nephew) is a good kid. He is a really good kid. He was just trying to protect his family,” she said.

The Madison Police Department told News 3 Now Monday afternoon its investigation is still ongoing but did confirm the people involved knew each other and that the shooter is not in custody.

Police said they’re still looking into what motivated the shooting.

“One thing we are encouraging is that anyone at that scene… contact detectives so that we can interview everyone involved and try to piece together what exactly happened, what the motive behind the shooting was, because right now… that is very much still up in the air,” police department spokesperson Stephanie Fryer said.

The woman said domestic violence situations are difficult and that she’s received threats of retaliation in the aftermath, but she’s hoping the situation can be resolved peacefully.

“I’m still in shock, I really am. I’m still in shock with all of this, I don’t know what to make of it all. I just think it was an incident that should have never occurred,” she said.