Seemingly endless Wis. election cycle eases to end

Many residents voted six times this year
Seemingly endless Wis. election cycle eases to end

For the past two years, Wisconsin seemed to be the state where elections never ended.

Following the state’s tumultuous 2010 election season came multiple recall elections targeting the governor, his lieutenant governor and several state senators.

There was a surprisingly heated state Supreme Court race, recounts in some elections, then the primaries ahead of Tuesday’s presidential and congressional elections.

All those races resulted in a seemingly endless stream of political ads, robocalls and glossy political mail from candidates begging for votes or money.

Now, Wisconsin residents are finally getting a break.

Voters say they’ll start answering their phones again. Local advertisers have back premium television spots that had been dominated by campaign ads.

And campaign volunteers who devoted much of their week to various causes suddenly have free time.