Security up for Badgers season kick-off

University officers prep for first game of season
Security up for Badgers season kick-off

It’s another sell-out season opener for the Wisconsin football team.

As fans are gearing up for the big game, university officers are getting ready for big security around Camp Randall.

Less than 24 hours before kick-off, places like the Sconnie Nation shop have people buzzing in for last-minute apparel.

“Very busy, very crowded,” employee Steve Blevins said about traffic in and out of the store Friday. “(And) all day tomorrow, that’s what it will be. Families, students.”

The streets around Camp Randall are a little more subdued the day before the 2012 football season begins. Students are already lining up at will call to get their tickets, and police are already preparing to pump up security in the area.

“There’s always challenges every year with football,” UW Madison Sgt. Aaron Chapin explained.

Signs posted around the stadium clearly define prohibited items, like weapons, food, and umbrellas. Alcohol is also not allowed in Camp Randall, but it’s a constant problem for cops during games.

“We do see a lot of people that do over-consume at our games, whether it be before the games or people trying to sneak alcohol in,” Chapin said.

University officers will be on site and ready to search anyone necessary, but police won’t say just how many people will be on duty Saturday.

Security prep for UW football opener

UW police also patrol traffic, whether cars, bikes, or pedestrians. A new batch of “no parking” signs are posted on streets surrounding Camp Randall. Chapin expects people to start filtering into the area as early as 7 a.m. to secure spots and start up pregame routines.

“A lot of people on foot, a lot of people on bikes, a lot more motor vehicles, and obviously we try to make the area around the stadium as safe for the pedestrians as possible,” Chapin said, “which creates traffic congestion.”

Officers have walked through the new features inside of Camp Randall, and are ready to direct fans through those changes as well.

Kick-off against Northern Iowa is at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.