Second year of work wrapping up on I-90 bridge

Bridge near La Crosse
Second year of work wrapping up on I-90 bridge

The second year of the massive Interstate 90 bridge construction project is drawing to a close.

Fifty feet above the Mississippi River, ironworkers wire together thousands of pieces of rebar that will provide support to the concrete piers that will hold up the new $187.5 million interstate bridge. The project manager for contractor Ames Construction says every piece of the bridge has been put together by workers’ hands.

But there is some machinery involved, including 170 truckloads of concrete to form each of the large piers. The La Crosse Tribune ( ) reports 16 piers have already been cast.

Crews will begin prepping the existing bridge for winter Friday to make snow plowing and travel easier in icy conditions.

Traffic across the existing bridge is expected to return to normal this spring.