Second officer on leave after Sunday shooting

Officers on leave from Fitchburg and Town of Madison
Second officer on leave after Sunday shooting

The Town of Madison police officer involved is joining a Fitchburg police officer on paid administrative leave after a Sunday shooting on Madison’s south side.

A man who was allegedly brandishing a gun was shot by police near an intersection around midnight.

The suspect was wounded and is hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, Fitchburg police said.

The man is being guarded in the hospital as he recovers.

“It’s very rare that an officer actually discharges his weapon on a person,” Sgt. Don Bomkamp of the Fitchburg Police Department said. “This is, I think, out of the norm.”

Fitchburg police said officers were dispatched shortly after midnight to Greenway Cross and Fish Hatchery Road on reports that a man was threatening people with a handgun and possibly attempting to rob them.

Bomkamp said it is unclear what the man was trying to steal.

Police shoot man allegedly brandishing gun

“He approached a couple of vehicles, and when he had his weapon displayed, and then those are the people who called us,” Bomkamp explained. “We weren’t sure if he was trying to carjack or steal their personal property.”

When police arrived at the scene, the suspect fled from the intersection and went to Five Nightclub.

Police said an altercation took place before police arrived at the nightclub.

Police believe a victim there was battered by the suspect. Once there, officers from the city of Madison approached the suspect, who was clearly brandishing his weapon, police said.

The suspect then returned to the intersection of Greenway Cross and Fish Hatchery Road, where other officers cornered him, according to Fitchburg police.

Bomkamp said the man then pulled his gun, and multiple officers fired in response. It is unclear at this point whether or not the suspect actually shot at the officers.

One officer with the Fitchburg Police Department is on paid administrative leave after firing his gun at the suspect, which Bomkamp said is protocol.

“It’s a traumatic event for him,” Bomkamp said, “and we want him to recover properly from it, so that’s just the standard procedure so he can get some time and some rest.”

The incident happened in the Town of Madison. The Department Of Criminal Investigation is taking over the investigation of the officer firing his gun.

“We have training on this situation, but we want to be very accurate with our reporting and make sure everything is accurate, so that’s why we take time with the investigations.”

The Department of Justice said the DCI will not comment on whether officers from any other agencies fired weapons in the incident.

Bomkamp said officers from the Town of Madison, the City of Madison, and Dane County were also on scene.

“That intersection has multiple jurisdictions, three different jurisdictions at that intersection, so it made it a little more difficult for the investigation,” Bomkamp explained.

Police are continuing to investigate the possible armed robbery. No formal charges have been filed.

The identities of the suspect and officers on leave have not yet been released.

“It’s a tragic situation for everyone that’s involved. You know, unfortunately it came to this,” Bomkamp said. “Ultimately people will be going on with their lives.”