Second day in a row dozens rally for “Right to Choose”

MADISON, Wis. – With no program or official group taking charge, people in Madison gathered downtown, united in shared outrage and a common goal, fighting for what they consider their right to choose.

For the second day in a row since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade leaving 26 states including Wisconsin facing near or total bans on abortion people gathered at the State Capitol building in protest.

“I want to everybody to have the right to choose what is done to their body I want lawmakers to back off and give us our voice back,” said rally attendee Abby Schroder.

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At the event standing on the steps beneath the Forward statue people took turns sharing their stories with abortion hoping to help destigmatize the issue.

Among them was Sunday School teacher Cassidy Mertzig who believed by exposing just how common abortion is and the motivations that drives people to get them, pro-choice supporters could affect more change.

“I see a lot of my Christian friends using their religion as an excuse to be bigoted and it hurts because that’s not right. It’s just not right,” Mertzig said. “I don’t know what else to do. I’m poor, I’m disabled I can’t give money but I can yell. I’m good at yelling and I can just pray.”

The couple hundred in attendance chanting “my body, my choice” also hoped their presence would motive those with offices inside the State Capitol building to make changes to Wisconsin’s pre civil-war era abortion law now back in affect, which prohibits abortions in all cases including incest and rape, except to save a mothers life.

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“Politics right now are pretty embarrassing to Americans,” said Kayla Ebert, who made the trip to Madison form Port Washington. “We need to make sure that they are listening to our voices and they understand if they don’t there are consequences and we will vote people in who do listen.”

Since the leaked Supreme Court decision in early May there have been at least five pro-choice rallies and protests in the city of Madison.