Scout’s Super Bowl ad brings thousands of donations to UW-Madison

MADISON, Wis.– Scout’s story of beating cancer touched hearts around the world in a WeatherTech commercial during the Super Bowl Sunday night. Now donations and outreach are pouring into the University of Wisconsin- Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.

The 30-second advertisement encouraged companies, including Petco and State Farm to donate thousands of dollars to the University.

“It is humbling to be a part of such an incredible effort like this and to have our school here at UW-Madison featured on a stage this large,” Kristi Thorson, an associate dean, said.

One of Scout’s doctors, David Vail said these donations will make a difference in the effort to cure cancer in pets.

“Not only will it help us purchase newer and advanced equipment, perhaps attract more world class faculty to help us develop new cancer treatments, and to try novel approaches to treating cancer,” Vail said.

Czar’s Promise, a local organization helping companion animals fight cancer, donated $15,000 to UW-Madison in December 2019.

“We have a world renowned organization here locally that is making such headway in terms of research and they really do need the help,” Founder Beth Viney said.

Viney said Scout’s story will encourage others to step in to find a cure.

“We want to inspire hope, just as Scout inspired hope,” Viney said. “He is one hero and one miracle dog, and miracles and heros do happen.”

Cancer is very common in dogs, but Scout proves that treatment works.

UW is waiting to announce how much was raised from the commercial, as donations are still being made.

Donations can be made on