Science House to be removed from campus after 150 years at UW

Science House to be removed from campus after 150 years at UW

After standing for more than 150 years on the University of Wisconsin campus, the Science House will be demolished to make way for another building’s expansion.

For years, the house was used for different purposes, including a period of time in which it was used as a residence for the university’s live-in artists.

One of those artists was world famous Aaron Bohrod. Bohrod, best known for his still life paintings, worked out of the home for years. For his family, the home is full of memories.

“My dad put up a little sign because it’s right next to Babcock Hall,” said Bohrod’s son, Neil. “A lot of people would come in with ice cream cones, so he made a little sign that said ‘please finish your ice cream cone before coming in.'”

In 1998, an application was put in to register the home as a historic landmark, but it was denied due to the physical state of the property.

For his family, it is difficult to see the house go.

“It would be wonderful if my dad’s artistic legacy could be remembered by the University of Wisconsin and in the community,” Neil Bohrod said. “And if this building could somehow be used in that connection, his having painted there for many years, that would be wonderful.”