School District of Reedsburg warns of possible COVID-19 exposure at registration event

REEDSBURG, Wis.– A possible COVID-19 exposure at a school event gives families an idea of how school districts could handle future positive cases.

Sauk County health officials said there was a possible exposure of COVID-19 at a district-wide school event on Tuesday. One person tested positive after attending the registration event at Reedsburg Area High School.

Health officials said the person wasn’t symptomatic at the time, but could have been infectious. Officials added that the chance of others becoming infected by the possible exposure is low.

The School District of Reedsburg sent a letter to families warning of the possible exposure, and telling those who attended between 9:15 and 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday to watch for symptoms.

“We are doing everything possible to communicate to anybody and everybody who might have participated in that day that this event happened, and they should monitor potential symptoms and seek medical attention should any of those symptoms develop,” District Administrator Tom Benson said.

Sauk County Health Officer Tim Lawther said the district took proper measures in communicating the possible exposure to families. Lawther said typically the health department would alert the people who the infected person had come into contact with, but because of the size of the event, those people were unknown.

Benson said the district incorporated many precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the event, including mandatory face coverings, floor markings for social distancing, lots of sanitizer and frequent cleaning.

Lawther said the district took proper precautions, but as with any event, there’s no guarantee spread won’t occur.

Sarah Lemke, a parent in the district, said she felt safe while attending the registration event.

“It was very busy. Everybody had masks on, it was required. They had hand sanitizer stations throughout,” Lemke said.

Lemke said she still has questions about how potential COVID-19 cases will be handled throughout the school year.

Benson said situations down the line will be handled similarly to this one, and will depend on partnerships with public health and other districts to get through this learning process.

“No matter how hard you work and how dedicated you are to your plan, there’s always some potential that some kind of wrench gets thrown into it and you just have to do the best you can,” Benson said.

Sauk County health officials said the county will open a testing site in Reedsburg on Thursday.