School children send message of thanks in valentines for veterans

Handmade valentines hand delivered to vets

They are separated by generations, but drawn together by words written on pieces of paper in crayon.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, nine veterans from the greater Sauk Prairie area attended an assembly at the Merrimac Community Charter School. At the assembly elementary school students gave the veterans handmade valentine cards.

“Instead of it just being bought, there is that transference of, for a lack of a better idea, love,” school counselor Tom Steward said.

The veterans attending the assembly served in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War.

While nine veterans were able to attend, the students made 179 valentine cards, one for every veteran in the greater Sauk Prairie area. The cards will be sent to the veterans unable to attend the assembly.

“What does this mean to me? That meant the world to me and it meant the world to all of these gentlemen as well,” said Dennis Shaw, a Vietnam veteran who attended the assembly.