School accountability bill has little support

Voucher school accountability bill garners little support in Legislature
School accountability bill has little support

A school accountability bill that would kick poor-performing voucher schools of the taxpayer-subsidized program is generating little support in the Legislature so far.

Bill co-sponsor Republican Sen. Luther Olsen said Thursday the measure has just four co-sponsors out of 131 lawmakers. Olsen says the proposal will have a hearing on Sept. 12 and he hopes the Legislature will take it up in October.

The bill would require for the first time that private schools in the voucher program report a wide range of performance information to the state. Public schools, including charters, already provide the data.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos calls the bill a “first draft” and changes need to be made before it will have enough votes to pass.

Gov. Scott Walker has been noncommittal on the proposal.