Scholar of Promise gives high school seniors chance at college

Program helps qualifying students pay tuition
Scholar of Promise gives high school seniors chance at college

Beginning with the fall semester, Madison College will help high school graduates who qualify pay tuition and class fees through a program called Scholars of Promise.

“The program will allow us to leverage what they have in scholarships and financial aid and then close that gap for the individual,” said Keith Cornille, executive vice president of student development and success at Madison College.

To qualify for the Scholars of Promise program, students must graduate from high school within the Madison College district, obtain an 80 percent or higher attendance during their senior year, achieve a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.25 and submit an ACT or Accuplacer placement test scored by May 1. Students must also apply for a program at Madison College and complete the Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) by April 15.

The Madison College Scholars of Promise will provide student tuition and class fees that are not paid by federal and state financial aid for up to six consecutive semesters, summers excluded.

Through the program, students will also be assigned to a college coach.

“It is more than just the money. It is really about putting the support mechanisms around the student so they can succeed,” Cornille said.

So far, more than 750 high school students have submitted applications to the Scholars of Promise program.

Funding for the program comes from private donations and there is enough money to provide support to all qualified applicants who have currently applied.

One applicant is Madison East High School senior Alicia Hernandez, who wants to become a dentist. Scholars of Promise will give her a chance at that dream.

“It means a lot because ever since I was a child, I’ve had my parents tell me to do well in school. So doing well in school and being a first generation, it is going to mean the world to me and my family, especially if I accomplish my dream,” Hernandez said.

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