Schneider National requires hair sample drug test

Chronic drug abusers aren't being caught by other tests

Schneider National Inc. is among trucking companies that use hair samples to test potential employees for drugs.

Schneider executives said the urine-based drug test isn’t catching chronic drug abusers and is too easy to cheat. Unlike urine samples, drugs can be detected in an applicant’s hair for months.

In the last four years, 38,000 Schneider applicants have had their hair tested. Of those, 1,411 failed the test. Yet, more than 90 percent of those applicants that failed were able to pass a urine test.

The Green Bay trucking firm wants the U.S. Department of Transportation to sanction hair testing, a practice that is not accepted by the state Labor and Industry Review Commission. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ( ) says Marshfield’s Roehl Transport also has added hair tests to its screening process.