Schimel won’t step aside as Evers wants

Schimel won’t step aside as Evers wants

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel will not step aside from representing state Superintendent Tony Evers in a lawsuit over his rule-making powers, even though Evers says he’s firing him.

Evers said Tuesday that Schimel’s Department of Justice can’t represent him in the case because it agrees with the position taken by a conservative law firm challenging Evers’ powers.

But Justice Department spokesman Johnny Koremenos says Evers’ request will not be granted. Koremenos says Evers’ personal opinions “will have no bearing on the attorney general’s power or ethical duty to represent the state.”

The conservative law firm the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty last week brought the lawsuit challenging Evers’ ability to enact rules without the governor’s approval.

Gov. Scott Walker ordered Schimel to represent Evers, who is a Democrat running to challenge Walker next year.