Scary ideas for Halloween parties

Scary ideas for Halloween parties

Throwing a Halloween party for adults can be both fun and spooky. Try using some of these tips make your party a haunting success.


Boo-ffet table: Create a scary snack and food table. Add Halloween-themed decorations like pumpkins, spiders and spider webs. Give the snacks and food scary Halloween-themed names like Blood Punch or Vampire Brownies.

Eye-popping appetizers: Create appetizers that look like eyes ? such as mozzarella balls, coconut balls or hard-boiled eggs.

Brain noodles: Prepare a noodle dish and give it a brain-related name.

Chicken fingers: Prepare long, narrow chicken fingers and dipping sauce for a tasty and creepy dish.

Spider ice cubes: Place fake spiders in the ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze.



Food labels: Make small tombstones and use them as food labels to place in front of each dish.

Spider webs: Place fake spider webs around the house, on chairs and around the table.

Autumn centerpiece: Create a seasonal centerpiece with pumpkins, mums, cranberries and some Halloween touches like spiders or a witch’s hat.

Yard ghost: A quick and easy outdoor Halloween decoration is a ghost. Just grab a sheet, coat rack and helmet and assemble your ghost’s body, head and outer covering in your yard.

Hidden specimens: Place random jars with fake eyeballs, fangs and teeth around the house and let your guests stumble upon them.



Pumpkin carving contest: Supply each guest with a pumpkin and see which guest comes up with the most creative design.

Monster mash dance contest: Have your guests bust a move to crown a winner of the dance-off.

Guess the scary movie character: When guests arrive, pin the name of a famous scary movie character on their back. The guests need to treat them like they are that person. The game ends when everyone guesses the character they were given.

Halloween trivia: Put together a Halloween-themed trivia game and have your guests form teams to try to answer the questions correctly. The team with the most correct answers wins.