Scare yourself silly with these haunted house alternatives

Cemeteries, sports stadiums and … a car wash? Get scared out of your pants from a safe distance at these alternative Halloween events.
Scene from WI Vets cemetery tour
Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Veterans Museum
Hear the woes of a Civil War soldier shot in the head, the first lady of Madison, and more with the Talking Spirits tour.

A good haunt can be hard to come by nowadays, and the risk of spreading COVID-19 within the walls of a spooky house is just too high for trick-or-treaters this year. Fear no more — you can get scared out of your pants from a safe distance at these alternative Halloween events.

Terror at Tyrol
Screech your way through the winding woodland trails, hellish labyrinth and always-inhabited boneyard at the Tyrol Basin to get your fright on this October. Haunts of all ages are available, and the actors are sure to give you the heebie jeebies. More details here.

Talking Spirits Virtual Cemetery Tour
The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is putting on a somber tour of the Forest Hill Cemetery to share the stories of Madisonians of yesteryear. Vignettes depicting the tales of four notable folks buried right beneath your feet will be performed as you virtually experience the blood-curdling (yet educational) history of our town. More details here.

Breese Screamins
There’s a rumor around town that there are bodies buried beneath Forward Madison’s home turf … and while we might not be able to confirm that, we are sure that 917 East Mifflin Street will chill you to the bone when it is Breese Screamins season. With the same themed room set up as many haunted houses, there is something to spook everyone — just without a roof. More details here.

Schuster’s Haunted Forest
When the sun goes down at Schuster’s Farm, the fall fun activities across the property take a sinister turn. There aren’t many things scarier than stumbling through a pitch black forest while being chased and startled, so get ready for your nerves to be wracked and hair to be raised. More details here.

Tunnel of Terror Haunted Car Wash
While going to the car wash is usually an annoying chore or a method of escaping the noisy world for a few minutes, this October it can be a family event. Pile the kiddos in the car and head to Uncle Larry’s Car Wash in Hartford for a drive-through haunt and get your buggy scrubbed in the process. More details here.