Scam charities exploit Paris attacks

Scam charities exploit Paris attacks
Wisconsin BBB Opens Madison Office

Many of us feel helpless, and want to do whatever we can to aid Paris, but be careful as scammers are preying on that vulnerability.

The Better Business Bureau has some tips for donating to charity:

Avoid giving money over the phone, according to the BBB that is the easiest way for scammers to reach you.
Donate money using a credit card or check, never donate with cash. When donating online make sure the website starts with “https” the “s” means the site is secure.
Donate to a well-known name like the “Red Cross”
Go to for a list of trustworthy charities

The Better Business Bureau said they haven’t seen any phone scams related to the Paris tragedy in our area, yet. If you do get a suspicious phone call go to to report it.