Scam artists target older Madisonians, asks them to send cash

Scam artists target older Madisonians, asks them to send cash

The Madison area has again been targeted by scam artists conning people into sending large amounts of money, in multiple payments, with a bogus story about the victims’ grandson needing help to get out of a legal jam.

The victims receive tearful calls from someone pretending to be their grandson. The caller would also hand the phone off to someone claiming to be a police officer. The victims are then told that the grandson has been a passenger in a car where drugs were found, and needs money for bail and legal fees.

The caller cautions the victims that no one else should learn of the bind the grandson was in, as he does not want his parents finding out. The caller also tries to convince the victims not to call or contact the grandson, because that would cause further legal problems for him.

In the current cases, the victims are instructed to send large amounts of cash, wrapped up in cellophane and magazines, and then placed into an envelope. The package is then being sent to various addresses in Michigan through FedEx.

Law enforcement are hoping for people to spread the word that this scam is going around Madison again. Officials are also contacting financial institutions and asking them to take a proactive stance with their customers who they notice withdrawing large amounts of cash.