Sauk Prairie campaigns for multi-million dollar park complex

Culver's Community Park will cost $12 million

SAUK PRAIRIE, Wis. — Sauk Prairie is campaigning to build a multi-million dollar park where memories can be made.

“I think all of us can really capture a moment within a park. We can think about the first time we hit a home run or the first time we went on a swing or a walk with Grandma,” Friends of Sauk Prairie Parks and Recreation Vice President John Lehan said.

The group would like to build the $12 million park with only donations.

“Our goal right now is to raise as much as we can privately. Our goal is to not be a tax burden, but really encourage our businesses and individuals to commit as much as they can,” Lehan said.

The Culver family, known for restaurant chain Culver’s, donated $5 million, earning naming rights for the park.

“Without them, we truly wouldn’t have been able to do this project,” Friends of Sauk Prairie Parks and Recreation President Marietta Reuter said. “It truly shows their compassion for Sauk Prairie, and we are so incredibly thankful to them for that.”

Culver Community Park will consist of facilities that will be operational throughout the year, including a skate park, playgrounds, baseball fields and more.

This park space is much needed in the community, according to Lehan.

“We are 42 acres short of park land for a community of our size. We also tracked a lot of the youth sports here and a lot of their uses. So, what that does is we have two times the amount of use on our athletic fields,” Lehan said.

The recreational space is expected to be completed by 2023.