Same woman first in line for iPhone 6 as last year’s iPhone 5S launch

Woman in line Friday morning
Same woman first in line for iPhone 6 as last year’s iPhone 5S launch

People lined up outside stores like AT&T, Best Buy and Apple around Madison, waiting to get their hands on a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The phones were made available in stores Friday.

Edna Miller was first in line at AT&T on the city’s west side. She arrived at 9 p.m. Thursday.

“Because I want to leave right away. I want to be done. I don’t know, maybe because I just want to be first in line,” said Miller, laughing when asked why she stayed overnight.

This was Miller’s second time being first in line for the newest iPhone at this location. She started the line last year when the iPhone 5S hit stores.

Employees underwent multiple practice sessions to prepare for this day. Many stores opened early at 8 a.m.

A spokesperson with AT&T said this year’s enhancements include size, a faster processing chip and improved HD camera are some of the reasons why consumers were anxious to purchase the new smartphones.

When the store opened its doors Miller walked straight to an employee she worked with before. Her eyes were set on an iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB. She said she needs a phone that will hold all the pictures and videos of her grandson Nathan.

Workers allowed groups of seven in one at a time. It took roughly 20 minutes to get Miller set up. Phone in hand, Miller was ecstatic to be the first in and out of the store.

The new phones are the biggest and fastest Apple has ever made.

Apple said they pre-sold a record four million iPhones last week.