Sam Arneson’s family ties to World Series

Uncle Mike coaches the Kansas City Royals
Sam Arneson’s family ties to World Series

Sam Arneson comes from an athletic family.

Sam’s father, Dave, played football at Wisconsin in the 1980s. But his mother’s side of the family is no slouch. In fact, his mother’s brother, Mike Jirschele, currently coaches for the Kansas City Royals. 

“He’s my mom’s brother, and my dad played for the Badgers. My mom always jokes that I got my athleticism from my mom’s side.”

She might be right. 

Once upon a time, Mike earned all-state honors as a quarterback at Clintonville. UW recruited him, but he decided to play baseball. The Texas Rangers drafted him in the 5th round of the 1977 draft.  Jirschele played more than a decade in the minors before retiring in 1990. After retirement, Mike took up coaching. Eventually, Jirschele managed the Royals’ Triple-A affiliate, the Omaha Royals. 

In October, 2013, the Royals promoted Jirschele to the Big Leagues. He joined the coaching staff and currently holds the title of Third Base Coach.

Just a year into his Major League Baseball career, Mike and the Royals continue to fight for baseball’s ultimate prize as they try to win Kansas City’s first World Series since 1985. 

Arneson’s athletic pedigree doesn’t end there.

Mike’s father, and Sam’s grandfather, Don Jirschele, held his own, too. In the 1950s, Don played football for Paul “Bear” Bryant at the University of Kentucky.  

Sam says he has fun going to to his Grandpa Don’s and looking at collectibles from Mike’s baseball career.

“It’s cool to walk in there and see all the memorabilia from Mike’s career and see all the things he did, not only as a high school athlete, but at the minor league level.”

Now, the family hopes Mike can add one more memory, this time at the Major League level.