Salvation Army serving thousand more homeless in need of donations

Salvation Army serving thousand more homeless in need of donations

The Salvation Army of Dane County said it’s in desperate need of donations.

“We are kind of at emergency low levels right now,” said Kaitlyn Novotny, the special events and marketing assistant at the Salvation Army of Dane County.

Since becoming an emergency drop-in shelter last November, the shelter on East Washington Avenue has housed 25,000 people. During the previous year, when it was a family shelter, it housed 10,000.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do that without taking away the 90-days shelter and creating a drop-in shelter only,” Tara Barica, the services coordinator for the Salvation Army of Dane County, said of the number of people they’ve been able to serve. “For example, a woman and baby that were sleeping on the street last year are now able to sleep here and be safe.”

While the shelter is helping almost triple the people, it doesn’t have triple the resources. Thursday through Friday, it is hosting “Sharing the Shelter” and asking people to donate blankets and toiletries.

Collection bins will be placed at the east and west side Chick-fil-A locations. As an incentive, Chick-fil-A is offering a free sandwich for every set of twin-sized sheets or blanket donated. The Marriott West Hotel will also host a collection bin on Friday. Donations may also be brought to the Salvation Army Community Center at 3030 Darbo Drive.