Salvation Army lowers holiday charity guilt with new season pass

Salvation Army lowers holiday charity guilt with new season pass

The Salvation Army has been enlisting volunteers to ring bells outside local businesses to attract donations during the holiday season for over 100 years. 

But with the advent of credit cards and online shopping, less people are carrying cash than ever before. To deal with falling holiday donations this year the Salvation Army is rolling out a “season pass” pin, which will allow people to walk past the iconic red buckets and bell ringers guilt free.

“The button kind of recognizes that people don’t carry cash anymore,” Salvation Army Board Member James Pope said. “Wear them on your jacket, walk out of the store and feel good that you’ve already contributed this year.”

There are three pins available for donations of $20, $50 or $100, respectively.

Officials said they hope the new program is successful, but that the vast majority of the organization’s holiday revenues will still be generated through the bell ringing program.

“It’s never going to replace the program and the interactions people have with our volunteers out there,”  Salvation Army Director of Development said. “Every bit that we raise this year goes a long way towards us being able to provide our services.”

For more information or to purchase a season pass visit the Salvation Army’s website.